Thursday, March 27, 2014

Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain

24" x 30"
Oil on wood Panel
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I have not done a landscape for a while and wanted to work on one again, especially with snow. All my relatives in Cache Valley love snow.

This painting is more about design than some I've done. It is mostly light or half tones with the dark elements massed.

I think that it has good unity: cerulean blue and a light brown are found throughout with a decided violet hue to the shadows. The tree design, hopefully, follows a progression. The sky is deliberately dull and less sharp than the landscape. If you slide a small circle around the painting you will find very few pure colors, rather complements and mixed values are throughout.

I sharpened some edges for emphasis and muted most others. The aspen on the left are in more shadow and we view them more from the shaded side - they are more dull and don't have the sharp highlights of those on the right.

It's the size painting to go behind a love seat or small sofa comfortably.

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