Sunday, November 20, 2016

Elizabeth and Jeff

Elizabeth and Jeff

18" x 24"
Oil on Wood Panel

Lori, who is in charge of my activities, decreed that I was to make another painting attempt with Elizabeth and Jeff.

This is also our favorite daughter-in-law.

We took some photographs while we were there this summer for reference. However I wanted a painting without the teeth showing

Well forget that, Elizabeth is always smiling, so anything else did not look correct

I took a lot of liberty with the clothes- making more of a Christmas holiday attire in this painting

Lori is happy so things are good

The blue is French Ultramarine

Mesas Autumn Sunset


24" x 36"
Oil on wood Panel

I have not posted any paintings for a season. I have been too busy to want to take the time,

I like the cool sky and the foreground plants contrasted to the warm land

This is a larger oil painting

The southwest is an area with lovely landscapes and a timeless quality

It could probably use some more cool accents in the shadows, but they look pretty close to what I desired in the actual painting.
below another view with different camera settings - looks too washed out to me though