Wednesday, June 25, 2014



16" x 20"
Oil on Board
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Jared is a special spirit living next door to us.

The family members are all blessings to us and our extended family. Jared is the youngest of seven siblings, he has three older sisters followed by three older brothers.

The painting tries to bring some of the lasting joy from an eternal perspective.

I should explain that Jared likes red cars. The value on the car color is muted so that his face is still very dominant as the focus.

different lighting


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Valley Ranch

Valley Ranch

24" x 36"
Oil on Wood Panel

Since this painting was reworked after the prior posting, I wanted to post it again.

Grant and I also framed it and it will be hanging in the office.

After looking at it a few days I decided to recast the sky atmosphere and then refined the mountains and the foliage areas.

The edge of the red barn has some yellow elements and also some green which causes the color to vibrate a bit. There is also some of the red scattered in the mountain shadows and the foliage which adds to unity within the painting. Even the small grass/weed tufts have one or two red spears in most of them.

Autumn at Twilight

Autumn at Twilight

18" x 24"
Oil on wood panel
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Alternate camera sitting
demonstrating how much the appearance varies with light changes

The first photograph more accurately reflects this painting.

Autumn provides wonderful colors for oil painting. This scene with the sun within the frame is an interesting setting. I like the yellow sunset sky and the distance violet hills. 

Stapleton Kearns painted an autumn scene that I admire. I rearranged the elements in that painting and laid it out. That was perhaps not a wise choice because his paintings have very strong design as a characteristic trait. 

Because the scene is back lit, it is very sensitive to changes in room lighting.

This was a fun painting to work on although it took many sessions to create a balance that I was happy with.