Saturday, July 25, 2015



24" x 12"
Oil on hardwood Panel

How many choices, experiences and opportunities will the future bring for this young man?

Will he be prepared and make good choices?

Will he make corrections in those choices when needed?

Morgan took a very thoughtful picture of Grant that made me think about these ideas. Grant is being well prepared for that time.

We all have the future before us. The opportunities and blessings will be there, however the final result will also be our choices.

It is significant to me that we cannot see beyond our immediate horizons, but we do have impressions or plans for that time.

Sunday, July 12, 2015



16" x 12"
Oil on hardwood Panel

This special little guy was dressed to attend his uncle's  wedding reception.

This is not exactly a gestural painting however I did want to show something about him aside from how he looks in a white shirt.

He has a generous and spiritual center.

The camera likes the blue and tends to lower the value, it's about two steps deeper into navy or ultramarine than the photo suggests.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Quinn Distracted

Quinn Distracted

20" x 16"
Oil on hardwood Panel

This painting was partially done for several weeks. After getting the design ready I did the under-painting with Burnt Umber to create forms and to adjust the values.

Then it sat while I did other projects.

Campbell chastised me that I should complete my paintings before moving on to do others.

This came together very rapidly when I restarted. The face and hair model so well.

Of the painting subject matter, Quinn doesn't like to miss anything going on nearby, although I might add that the Powers girls are champions at that also.

Thanks Quinn