Friday, March 14, 2014



20"  x 16"
Oil on Wood Panel
[click on the image to enlarge]

Not too many people can wear a large rabbit on the front of their shirt and still look cool. Quinn manages this with ease

This small study is back lighted and does not have good shadows so I wouldn't usually consider it for a painting nevertheless I enjoyed painting her. Perhaps the happy smile, attitude and flamboyant hair style.

Although Rebecca took the photograph, she cannot be blamed for the painting as it is much altered.

The eyes look over-stated however if anything they are less bold than the reality.

Below is the same painting earlier in it's life with a warmer background. I wanted a more translucent and cooler background, although Lori wasn't too happy when she saw what I had done.
I gave it a wash with phthalo blue and then followed with olive green.


  1. So cute! It looks just like little quinny. I like the liberties you took with color/background. I'm glad we have something to remember her favorite bunny shirt.