Saturday, March 1, 2014


[after William Whitaker]

16" x 12"
Oil on wood Panel

William Whitaker is a Utah artist who does mostly portraits -starting at $12,000. Which is a nice neighborhood if anyone is interested in my opinion.

I'm envious of his painting studio overlooking Utah Valley and his talent.

He has a soft and beautiful way of painting fabrics and draped clothing or robes.

I love this small study of a young woman with several complimentary drapes and coverings. The grey background in the painting has slightly less blue than the photograph.

It's available for $11,999 - a bargain.


  1. I really like this painting Neil. Too bad I can't afford to buy it!

  2. I might cut a special deal for it. Especially after Gary walked around to back side to see who it was.
    Great to see you guys.