Friday, April 11, 2014

Going to the Prom

Going to the Prom

18" x 24"
Oil on wood Panel

This painting just captures a small moment.

I thought the solid black would be an interesting challenge - making enough detail to be convincing while still black with black shoes and a black tie. The lapels have less blue than the photograph indicates.

Overall I am pleased.

The black is ivory black which has a dark blue undertone which helps with color harmony here.

I took some license with the setup and with Rebecca's hair color.

It was fun to work on. Her arms form interesting light bridge between the two.


  1. So fun to have a painting done of Spencer and I- 15 years ago! Your painting composition is a lot better than the original picture. And I'm glad you added the piece of curly hair that I was so proud of. Good job dad!

  2. Thank you
    Looks like it could have been painted from life yesterday
    That prom and other lead to a very interesting future