Saturday, May 10, 2014

Self Portrait with Red Tie

Self Portrait with Red Tie

Oil on wood Panel
24" x 20"

I've been painting although busy with other activities as well. So I have not posted for a time.

After doing several other family members I decided to try one of myself. Painting others is different for several reasons. When looking in a mirror I see a 'mirror image' so it is reversed from what others see, but photos are reversed from what I usually see.

It was an adventure. I changed my plans about the level of finish and detail as the painting developed, so that was interesting. 

I like it and Oscar indicates that it is great, while Lori wants a big toothy grin or at least a smile. Curiously portrait paintings from a century or two ago very seldom had a smile. Only with the advent of photographs did every start to say 'Smile' for a portrait.

I felt that the balance was good

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