Monday, May 12, 2014

Valley Ranch

Valley Ranch

24" x 36"
Oil on wood Panel
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I enjoy painting snow scenes, the subtlety of snow, which is not white but opalescent and beautiful, is fascinating. Tilting your monitor or moving slightly will allow you to see a bit more of that

I started with the dark Angus cattle and the red barns and then modified the design from that. The small metal shed also provides an opportunity for interest and eye movement. In deference to Lori 's sensitivities, I allowed the range cattle a place of refuge.

The barn has legendary cattleman John Hartley Carlile's 'historic' brand. It's surprising how much interest that small mark adds to the end of the barn.

The atmospheric changes result in the more distant mountain snow being a duller and a bit more grey violet hue than the foreground. Massing the dark is also a design feature.

This is a larger painting, especially when framed, the size that might fit behind a sofa, etc.

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