Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hillsboro Church at Autumn

Hillsboro Church at Autumn
12" x 16"
oil on canvas
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Autumn season in New England is always something special. The extra crispness of the fresh air and the wonderful hardwoods do their best to refresh our spirit.
Deep reds, variable orange and brilliant yellows all come forward  as the green chlorophyll fades from the growing season foliage. 
This painting scene shares the solid, substantial hardwoods with the local congregation's chapel where one may worship the faith of his fathers. Even the deeper granite witnesses the handiwork of deity.
This painting was inspired by a John O. Leavitt photograph:
I appreciate his permission to share this. He also enjoys the Maine coast and New England.

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  1. Whoa... I love this painting! This is the perfect time of year for an east coast autumn painting. Good job Dad!

  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comment.
    Yes this is time for a visit to New England