Monday, September 30, 2013

Kittiwake on the Beach

Kittiwake on the Beach

16" x 12"
Oil on sandeply panel
[click on the image to enlarge]

Black-legged Kittiwake are fairly common in Alaska, almost always seen over or near the ocean. They are often in groups.

This is a small gull with long wings and a small bill. The bird in the painting is seen in winter [non-breeding] plumage.

The model for this kittiwake was a photograph taken by Jeff Poklen,
I appreciate his permission to use this model

This painting was done with Torrit Grey, Ivory Black and Titanium White on a gessoed panel. I thought that I would glaze this with a Cerulean Blue after the shades, edges and values were done however I like it the way it is.

Jeff Poklen also photographed a wonderful Heermann's Gull:
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  1. I love this painting--- it looks even better in person! The reflection is so realistic.

  2. Thank you.
    I enjoy it too. I did notice an inadvertent tangent created by my increased emphasis on the wave action.
    I corrected it on the 'real' painting although not posted here.

  3. If you ever want to paint African birds, I am your source!