Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winter on the Thompson

Winter on the Thompson

15" x 20"
Oil paint on sandeply panel
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This painting continues my present series of paintings with water. This time the water is snow and also the mountain stream.

I was interested in the chroma and values of the snow in several conditions - it is changed by the shade, the nearby foliage, what it is setting upon and whether it is smooth or broken.

The left portion is mostly painted in the shade. Light coming over that ridge then highlights a portion of the right side of the stream.

I like the stillness of the scene and the peaceful repose. None of the snow fall has been broken by tracks and the air is calm.

The water is very cold, flowing gently and then it is almost imperceptibly broken by some warmer hues.

The emphasis here is on the two small conifers and then to a lesser extent the nearby boulder.

I'm again trying to resist my tendency to 'overwork' the painting. Instead put a planned brush stroke down and leave it, rather than smoothing it several times.
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  1. It's fun to see when you try new subjects and techniques. These water paintings turned out beautiful.