Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing with Toby

Playing with Toby

12" x 16"
oil on sandeply panel

This whimsical painting was done while I was studying the composition for a larger work.

I ran across some photographs that sparked an idea that I wanted to paint.

A young boy and a lively puppy make a happy combination. Liam and Toby enjoyed playing and teasing about who had the red ball.

Technically it is too small for very much definition on Liam's face and outdoor scenes with that much green are a challenge. Toby makes a good subject in any size. This was also a new experience in that the panel does not have canvas over the surface, gesso was directly applied to the panel and the panel was then given a color undercoat.

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  1. Love it, captures Toby playing with Liam perfectly!

  2. Every picture of Toby involves a ball! That dog is obsessed. It was fun to have a cute little boy play with him. Great painting!

  3. Thank you
    Toby and Liam make a good combination

  4. I love it dad! Thank you! You're amazing!!