Thursday, January 1, 2015

Katie 2014


20" x 16"
Oil on hardwood Panel

Having a cute model is a good first step for a successful or at least pleasant portrait. So if the model is cute and the portrait is drawn half-way accurately then the job is assured of some level of success.

So I was happy to work on this portrait of our youngest daughter.

And this was another opportunity to work with flowing, beautiful hair.

The background is viridian over a yellow ochre base and which was then glazed thinly with ultramarine blue. It has a somewhat jewel-like quality. There is also some quinacridone glazed over the dress for contrast. It [the background] is slightly 'richer' or more saturated than the monitor indicates.

Katie likes it so I didn't alter the background very much after she gave approval.

Below slightly different camera settings.

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