Thursday, January 15, 2015

Morgan and Johnny

Morgan and Johnny
18" x 24"
Oil on hardwood Panel

I have enjoyed working with hair in the more recent portraits. 
The reference photos were borrowed from Morgan's blog postings. Plus I have enjoyed the advantage of having the model visiting with us for  a short time.

I tried to do a more classic portrait without distraction. So the clothing is suggested rather than defined and the background is muted and distant.

I was pleased with the result. Morgan's hair in the portrait has a step more saturated auburn shade than I was able to bring to the photograph - while the dress is a full value less saturated than the photo would imply

I am able to paint it however I cannot photograph it very accurately.
My thanks to the models


  1. What a fine looking couple! I agree the painting is even better in person. Thank you Dad!

  2. More correctly, the couple in person look better than the painting.
    Thank you however for your comments