Wednesday, December 17, 2014



20" x 16"
Oil on hardwood Panel

When I started painting Gwen and laying in her hair, it was enjoyable and I looked for another chance to work more with hair in an interesting way. 

I quickly realized that there were many options because all our daughters also have beautiful hair. However Gwen and Quinn were on the scooters together and working on Gwen I also had many photos of Quinn.

So I sketched in this profile pose of Quinn and started working on her hair.

For a little peanut she has a lot of hair with drama.

The background here just evolved, I laid down an under-painting and kept working in layers until I liked the effect. Perhaps I wouldn't have chosen it if I had just laid out the colors on the palette at the beginning.


  1. So pretty dad! She's going to love this when she sees it. It must be hard work capturing her crazy, do-what-it-wants hair.

  2. Love how you captured this sweet little girl. This background is one of my favorites.