Friday, October 10, 2014

Tony Grove Lake

Tony Grove Lake
[Logan Canyon]

18" x 24"
Oil on hardwood Panel

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Tony Grove is located near the top of Logan Canyon in northern Utah.

This small body of water and the surrounding area is a favorite local hiking and picnic area.

Spring comes late to this alpine location, so the snow can linger here much later than it does at lower locations. However the roadway and the hiking trails are usually open. 

It's close to Cache Valley and Utah State University so it is a very pleasant day hike location.

Because this was painted from reference photos, one of the main problems was controlling the green. It's easy to have so much green that it is overwhelming. As you look around this painting you will find many areas that the eye accepts as green forest or meadow are in fact not green at all. Incidentally the greens were all created with mixtures, there was no green paint on the palette.

Lori mentioned that I seem to like dead trees better than living ones and for painting she is perhaps correct. Most of my landscapes will include a dead tree or two.

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