Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seeking the Words of Eternal Life

Seeking the Words of Eternal Life

18" x 24"
Oil on Masonite Panel

The idea for this painting grew over time.

Trying to become like our Father in Heaven is a process. Part of that process is trying to understand God and to follow the lessons in our personal education while here on earth.

Reading the scriptures places us in a position to feel the spirit and receive personal revelation. Sometimes that revelation doesn't occur until weeks or months after we have read something, when it is brought back into our thoughts.

So prayer, scripture reading and mediation all align to help us become more like the Savior.

The commandment to search the scriptures was not idle advice.

If we read or think His thoughts then we are starting to become like Him

Emery Brock was the model. It would be difficult to think of a better one for this subject. Emery read the Book of Mormon in its entirety before she was baptized.​ More than that she wants to be like the Savior.

A wonderful example to me.

And counsel from Sister Wendy Bagozzi - Study and ponder and come to know Him.

The painting is not a portraying of any particular place although clearly meant to reflect study within the home. I like the unity it has, the palette was relatively limited although not a three color Zorn type palette.


Different camera settings. The two dark spots are the bottom are holders at the base of the tripod stand that the painting is setting on.


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