Monday, October 20, 2014

Grandma receives a Gift

Grandma receives a Gift

18" x 24"
Oil on hardwood Panel

[click on the image to enlarge]

I wanted to portray this moment when a gift has just been received. 

Particularly the child's wait for a reaction to the gift. Children take so many cues about their worth and our values by our spontaneous reactions to life situations.

Perhaps the gift isn't our first choice [or our tenth...]

But the child is precious and her feelings are the ones that are really important in this exchange.

So what will happen next? What will Grandma say? What feelings will be conveyed?

Mostly this is a reminder to myself about these moments.

If we are going to learn to serve, and do so joyfully then these are the moments that help to shape us. It is better to give than receive because the gift is, or should be, a token of love. A portion of our esteem and caring for someone.

We are always teaching.

This presented an opportunity to do two portraits in one painting. With an older model and a very young child.

Hair, skin texture, luminous characteristics, eyes and yes some wrinkles are part of the changes we see.

Lois , dear Grandmother who is now gone from us [and was a wonderful example of love], and Campbell Brock are the models.


  1. This is pretty impressive- their hair and grannie's hands... You did a really good job. I like your thoughts about the painting also. It's important to keep other's feelings in mind.

  2. Such a sweet painting of the two of them. I really like this one, very well done dad.

  3. I saw this when we came over this last weekend and was very impressed with it. Very sweet painting of the two of them. Well done!