Friday, July 4, 2014

Running in the Surf

Running in the Surf

18" x 24"

Oil on Sandeply Panel
[click on the image to enlarge]

Our family enjoys getting together at New Brighton Beach on the California coast.

Katie Powers took some wonderful photos of the beach activities. Using one of those as a reference photo, I was able to explore the surf and atmosphere of the day. It suggests the foggy offshore haze typical of the area but still a sunny day on the beach.

It is very tempting to put lots of other focal points in a scene like this.  I liked the way this worked with our view point lowered to their level or even a bit below it.


  1. I'm in love with this picture! So cute! It's perfect dad!

  2. Liam and Gwen were enjoying the sand covered beach and each other.
    It was a wonderful family moment.
    After drying it will need varnish

  3. This is so sweet. Beautiful painting at our favorite place. It reminds me of a watercolor.