Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cold Water in High Country

Cold Water

18" x 24"
Oil on Sandeply Panel

I have been fascinated by the nuances of painting snow. This painting combines snow with water reflections and massed color.  I like the combination of the cold water with the cool blue elements and the warm color in the rocks showing beneath the surface. I think that is why it seems to work. We know the water is icy cold yet it has a warm hue beneath the surface.

The conifers are a cool element although there is also some warm yellow and red scattered throughout those passages

Jay Moore painted a vertical scene with these elements, I thought that I would try it in the horizontal form, so I reworked the scene.

I think that the receding underwater rocks are more realistic in the actual painting than the photograph. It's interesting how little blue can be put into the sky and it will still look 'real'. The colors lose saturation and definition as they recede. 

The snow and the underwater rocks are soft rounded shapes while the conifers and most of the shrubbery is angular.

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