Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pomegranates with Blossom

Pomegranates with Blossom
11 x 14

I had done a previous painting with a single pomegranate in an 8" x 10" canvas but I was not too happy with it. Unfortunately Lori liked it a lot, so I was forced to do one that I could also like.
This does not photograph wonderfully, it is darker or more saturated than it appears here. [another way of saying my photo skills could be improved]
Pomegranates come in a wide variety of color varieties and with this commissioned work I had to stay with a selection not chosen by me.
I added the blossom and leaves for balance and the more uniform green umber background, which heightens the red/persimmon colors of the pomegranates.
I also had the left calyx, or flower end, done when I was ordered to change it and make it larger and darker so that had to be reworked.
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