Saturday, February 9, 2013

Half Dome from Cooks Meadow

Half Dome from Cooks Meadow
16 x 20
Of course the family has shared time here. This approach was inspired by a David Muench photograph that became a Sunset magazine cover a few years ago. He had found a location where he could photograph autumn leaves from beneath and still have Half Dome be the center of focus.
I may revisit this and try painting it as a springtime version
[Incidentally the sky in the upper right does not have vertical streaks, again a photographic anomaly]

Bald Eagle
12 x 16
This came about in an interesting fashion. I am considering painting a Maine landscape [where I hope to visit again this summer]. The scene needs something in the upper left, so I was considering putting a bird there. Looking for a suitable bird I found this eagle and decided to paint him alone rather than a small portion of a larger work.
For a basically black and white bird he has a surprisingly large amount of detail. Incidentally there is no pure black on this eagle

Afternoon Tea
12 x 16
This was planned as an 11 x 14 canvas - which I had on hand. When I drew the preliminary, it didn't fit well. So instead of reducing it, I picked up a slightly larger canvas.
When I photographed it, I noticed that the shadows were not quite right, so it had to be reworked.
As you may notice, I like painting lemons.
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  1. The eagle is awesome! I love the detail and wispy background.