Saturday, February 9, 2013

Still Life

Bing Cherry
8" x 10"

I enjoyed this because you can see a cherry in so much more detail when you study it. Natures colors and texture are very complex

Eureka Lemons
11" x 14"

This started out with a different setting but I didn't like the way it was appearing so I altered it after nearly completing the painting. I put a new bottom half on the painting and gave the lemons a light colored shelf to sit upon. The painting isn't heavily shadowed with this more or less front lighted subject.

Lisbon Lemons 2013
11" x 14"
After the fiasco with the Eureka Lemons I decided to try again with different lemons and a straight-forward grey/green background.

8" x 10"
Not my personal favorite however some others like it.
I liked the strong persimmon color value.
It is supposed to be sitting on a countertop, however it looks as if it is about to roll off the board towards the left. I should have flattened one or the other angle on the board.
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  1. I love these Dad! I would like the Bing Cherry & Eureka Lemons. Those are my favorites! Let me know when you're ready for commissioned work :) Johnny is impressed too. He just said - He's been painting for how long?! You're amazing!

  2. It's fun to hear the background info for each picture. I like the still lifes... I agree that it makes you think about the shape and texture of those items. Keep up the amazing work!