Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wet Sand - 2

Wet Sand - 2

18" x 24"
Oil on hardwood Panel
[click on the image to enlarge]

I enjoyed the first time working with this subject, so I put a similar pose on a larger panel and reworked it. With a larger canvas more detail is needed to carry the effect.

This is a warmer palette. [Besides changing the hue for the swimsuit of course]

Campbell has strong features and I was pleased to be able to suggest her face with only a few hints of shadow.

There is a bit more emphasis on the ponytail feature this time. Only sand for the background, no horizon or sky influence captured.

I don't know which one I prefer.


  1. I'm impressed dad- there's a lot of different textures to get right (skin, clothes, hair, sand) and you did a great job! She got a kick out of seeing this new painting with her costume change, haha

  2. Thank you
    She is a fun subject for painting.