Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

24" x 18"
Oil  on hardwood Panel
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The painting was inspired by the morning routine at the Brock household, where a wonderful family is being raised in love and faith.

Rebecca took the reference photograph.

It feels a little intrusive to share this intimate moment even when posed.

I will probably continue to work on small problems with this painting - it is special to me, however for now it feels complete

Both cobalt and ultramarine blue were used, it gives some variation to the dress. There is even some ultramarine blue in the darkest areas of Emery's hair.

Painting this was a great experience.

It is interesting to consider how it would be altered in a white dress
Thank you to Rebecca and Emery


  1. Thanks dad! I love this picture and really love the painting. I could feel really strongly emery's desire for Heavenly Father's blessings and to be protected as she started her first day at her new school. You did such a great job with every part of this painting! Love you! Allie

    1. thank you
      I'm pleased with the painting - and love the young woman