Monday, June 1, 2015

Charleston Homestead

Charleston Homestead

18" x 24"
Oil on hardwood Panel
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Since my father enjoyed his 90th birthday this spring, I looked back into our family history to find inspiration for painting.

The red brick home was owned by my grandparents, Wayne and Violet Whiting, while living in Charleston which is a small town in Wasatch County. Charleston also sits on the banks of the Deer Creek Reservoir with the Provo River running into it on the north.

I remember lots of snow as a small child, much deeper than portrayed here.

It was a fun place with many trees and farm animals. My great grandfather and grandmother also lived not very far from here. Uncle Gene and Aunt LaRae lived upstairs with his parents for a time. And we lived next door to the right.

I walked down this road to join my five Charleston classmates in kindergarten. And learned to ride a bike on it after many topples.

The setting though is altered to put local mountains, the fields, the old Charleston ward building and some of the town into the background. They existed however not in the alignment as depicted.

Despite the red hues in the home the painting has a cool palette. And many very warm, comfortable memories.

The home was also the setting for a film called 'Easter Dream'


  1. This is a really great painting dad! I love the tracks on the road, the fence and the house. Thanks for sharing your memories too! Allie

  2. Thank you
    It is full of memories