Monday, June 29, 2015



20" x 16"
Oil on hardwood Panel
[click on the image to enlarge]

This cute little mite is my niece, Adalyn.

She has been traveling with her parents recently and some of the photographs caught my interest.

I wanted to make a more colorful infant portrait.

After getting the basic sketch in place, I experimented and played with the colors.

Infants are so helpless, they can't really object no matter how we dress them. Besides I believe she is a bit too sweet to complain.

The green is a Phthalo Emerald color by Gamblin. It is a very powerful hue and I like it better than the more usual thalo green which has more blue in it. The dress has a good bit of Quinacridone Rose although neither are pure at any point on the painting.

I imagine that I will keep looking at it and making small changes however I decided to publish it anyway. After all the changes may make it worse - it's happened before.


  1. She's such a sweet little bug. I just want to squeeze her. Beautiful work!

  2. Nice job Neil! It was so fun to be with her last week. She is a very sweet and good baby!

  3. Thank you
    It seems to be unanimous that Adalyn is a special baby

  4. Such a sweet painting! Thanks for painting our precious little girl.