Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teasing the Waves

Teasing the Waves

18" x 24"
Oil on wood Panel

Griffin was playing on the beach at New Brighton early this summer. He was trying to get as close to the waves as possible without getting inundated when a breaker hit the beach. I suppose that everyone who has ever visited an ocean has done something similar.

Katie took a picture which captured the action and was the reference photograph for this painting. However for the design I wanted to turn the waves at an angle and have them quartering as they approach the viewer.

Besides the obvious interest in this little boy at play, I wanted to paint the waves and particularly the foam near the shore. It has an interesting action as the waves pull it apart just before they wash forward both breaking the foam and creating more

A simple design and it was fun to paint. And now I'm leaving the ocean and painting a much drier climate.


  1. Great painting Dad! When you enlarge it, the water looks even better.

  2. I really like this painting and the perspective. Little kids love letting the waves almost catch them. Good job!

  3. Thank you
    The canvas looks a bit 'dirty' in this photo, the painting has cleaner greys