Sunday, July 14, 2013


24" x 24"
oil on linen canvas
[click image to enlarge]

The inspiration for this painting came from a photograph of Grant on Morgan Holbrook's blog. The photo also had great light contrasts.
He enjoys being outdoors and exploring nature. I love the sunshine contrasts in the original photograph and his little boy jeans.
It is a nearly iconic scene from childhood - picking a dandelion and then blowing away the seed cloud.

Sarah Croft also did a painting on this subject that I have enjoyed.
This painting is done on the first canvas that I have made, after a technique suggested by Dan Schultz and described on his website. [He also painted a wonderful childhood scene with a similar lighting contrast on a little boy]
The linen canvas was glued to a smoothed OSB panel and then prepared with a coat of gesso, followed by a colored ground coat. It was sanded between coats and I love the tight, smoother surface this created.
[The previous paintings were all done on stretched cotton canvas]
The painting is also shown framed below. I may try a frame with a more antique gold finish later.

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  1. This makes me so happy! Thank you! What a perfect way to remember Nauvoo. I love those little forearms. This is such a beautiful piece. It doesn't hurt that you had a darling subject.