Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spotted Towhees

Spotted Towhees
11" x 14"
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Spotted Towhees are present year around in our yard. They live just off the back patio and are cheerful visitors under the bird feeders.
We also usually have California Towhees nearby. They are both very colorful relatives of sparrows, although not closely related to the House Sparrow invaders from Europe.
Pansies have an interesting 5 petal structure, including the puzzle, to me at least, of how they know which side is down and always put the dominant petal that direction.
These were painted after inspiration/motivation by my friend Bruce Stone from the temple. He is also a landscape painter.
The vignette approach seemed to suit them.
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  1. I really like how the birds turned out. It's fun reading about how you view the things around you differently now. Love you!