Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Herefords on the North Field

Herefords on the North Field
16" x 20"
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My Grandfather, Hart Carlile, was a rancher/farmer. He was born at the end of the nineteenth century in 1896 in the West. In his later years he kept a small meadow ranch that he always referred to as the 'North Field'. Mostly grass and grazing, not grain or corn, it was probably never very profitable. 
I know he did not keep it for financial reasons. Rather he loved the white-faced cattle, the land and growing crops. One of his favorite recreations in life was to visit the weekly cattle auction.
This painting is a representation of my memories about visiting that ranch with him. Or my translation of what it looked like when he was active as an early western rancher. He did have an old hay derrick although it was never used in my time. On the other hand, my mother, Nelda, could tell stories about leading the horse that supplied the power to lift the hay to the top of the stack.
The cattle brand is my creation from his initials since his actual mark does not have any recognizable significance.
Summer storms come quickly and are a regular feature in the West.
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