Sunday, April 10, 2016

Officer Powers

Officer Powers

24" x 18"
Oil on hardwood Panel

I finally took the opportunity to paint a portrait of my favorite CHP officer.

I wasn't very excited about doing the motorcycle but when I started working on it, there were interesting challenges and choices

The reference photos were taken in an urban setting but it was way to cluttered therefore to simplify the focus I eliminated much of that. It did however make the background confusing at times while working on it.

Lots of rolling hills in the Sonoma area

We love and appreciate this man


Below is another attempt which didn't work as well as I wanted. The motorcycle is not the same machine as the first one
This is the same size work, pictured on the California coast


  1. Awesome job dad! Fun to see the stages of the paintings when we were there visiting.

  2. This is one of your best portraits. I'm glad your "crowing work" made it to the blog! Now Katie needs to clear a spot above their bed for Robert's masterpiece.