Saturday, October 31, 2015

Emerald Valley

Emerald Valley

12" x 16"
Oil on hardwood Panel

The landscape study is done in an unusual pallet in Gamblin oils:   Phthalo Emerald, Cobalt Violet and Asphaltum. This is a pallet of secondary color: green, violet and an orange brown with no primary color.

The drawing and under-painting were done with Burnt Sienna which is also an orange brown hue which shows through in spots, especially as the Asphaltum is transparent and the other two are semi-transparent.

Mostly this is a study in mood and value

I wanted a misty, foggy feeling in this scene.

The foreground is deliberately not distinct, so that the viewer's eyes pass over it into the woods and thelight. The painting is about how light touches each area.

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