Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teaching them while they are Young

Teaching them while they are Young

20" x 30"
Oil on hardwood Panel

The nearly idealistic scene of a mother gathering her children around her to teach them the gospel, share scriptures and instill a testimony is timeless.

Rebecca and the children are the models.

The idea was great and I still like it, however the execution is not so inspired.

So I post this to share the idea and the models faithful obedience.

Quinn joins in even though she cannot yet read.


  1. Ha! I'm glad you captured this scene. I would have taken this to my RS lesson on "the importance of FHE" last month- it would have given the sisters something to stare at besides me. I love that each kid is doing something totally different and I like sweet little quinny's pose. Thanks for painting us!

  2. It is a good example
    Fruits follow obedience