Tuesday, October 29, 2013

After the Storm

After the Storm

21" x 28"
Oil on sandeply panel

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There is a peaceful wonderful quality about the calm morning after a night of winter's snow.
The combination of very cold and the clear, bright sunlight is enchanting. The values from almost black to bright 'warm' white in the snow is dramatic. Another contrast is between the sharp edges and the soft snow.

This contrast is also highlighted by the very warm red oxide branches in the center and the cooler greens of the conifers.

There is also a bit of intimacy in the close setting [the observer is very near to the scene] yet it also has an open vista in the background
I worked in a larger size to get more 'volume' and detail into the painting.

It is also a metaphor of life in that we must have opposites to appreciate and enjoy the beauty and wonder of being here on earth.

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  1. Very nice painting! I love the shadows in the snow and the way you painted the edge of the creek- they look so real. Pretty colors too.